FANGATE is the most multidevice content distribution platform that lets provide multiple format contents ( 2D, 360, VR, AR on demand and livestream) to the fans.

We built the APP for almost all audiovisual devices that exist now in the market:
Mobile –  Smart TV –  Gaming  –  VR  –  AR  –  XR



White Label Platform

Personalize the platform with some environment / features: Front end & Back end

Multidevice & Multiplatform

Distribution platform that lets provide multiple content: 2D, 180º, 360º and VR, both live and on demand

Fan engagement & Monetization tools

Multiple tools for fan interaction like immersive gaming, immersive commerce and immersive advertising.


It’s possible personalize platform also with multiple monetization tools like


Centralize/organize audiovisual content in one platform for all devices

Easy to win new fans and to create fan engagement with the immersive content, gaming, commerce, ads. New way to enjoy contents

Easy to create fan community

Different monetization ways, content sponsoring, premium content, advertising, e-commerce,…


Different front end personalization according the customer design styles

A company focused on 2D and 360/VR content distribution platforms and immersive solutions (AR/VR/XR) for entertainment and leisure sectors.

Our multidisciplinary team has a large expertise on: Sports marketing & sponsoring, Television & OTT, Brand contents, Music & Sports venues, E-commerce, Retail and Gaming.

We specialize in win new fans, fans engagements and finding different monetization ways through our content platforms.

Neoverse is a Innovae group company, a holding of technology companies focused  on developing augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality business solutions.


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